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Garage Makeover for Summer Activities

Summer is coming! What does that mean? Beach days, swim lessons, bike rides, outdoor play… and all the ways you’ll empty and refill your car. If you want to keep your garage from becoming a disastrous dumping ground- give it some order BEFORE school is out and summer is in full swing.

3 reasons you need a makeover:

  1. Ease– nothing starts a family outing off on the wrong foot like not knowing where the equipment you need is stored. Getting the car packed, and the family out to enjoy a fun activity, should begin with ease. When you get home, unloading should be just as simple, aaaaand I don’t mean dump it all on the ground for later, kind of simple. I mean putting everything back in it’s place, it should be frictionless, ready to be retrieved and packed up for the next outing.
  2. Savings– how many balls, goggles, fins, tubes, etc have you ended up repurchasing (then added to the overwhelm of TOO MUCH STUFF), because it was easier than going on a scavenger hunt before getting out the door? Or, even worse, you get to the beach only to realize you forgot something somewhere at home? Not only is it a waste of money, it’s a waste of storage, time and energy. Keep all your categories contained together and ready to go!
  3. Sanity– in addition to ease, you can’t possibly keep and prioritize what you need and value if you don’t know how many pool noodles, scooters, helmets and wrist guards you own.  If you’re tired of being overwhelmed with stuff, because it’s taking the simplicity out of life, then you have to categorize, contain and store it together so you can edit often and as needed.

simple categories:

  • beach & sand– beach chairs, sand toys, umbrellas, mats/towels, coolers, boards, wetsuits, snorkel gear, sunscreen, etc
  • pool– noodles, tubes, floaties, water toys, goggles, sunscreen, etc
  • outdoor play– strollers, bikes, scooters, helmets, skateboards, protective gear, balls, sports equipment, caution signs, etc
  • refill station– waters, sunscreen, sanitizer, wipes, tissue, mints, etc

successful Sorted Bliss makeovers:

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Get your garage in order! If you struggle with finding the time, figuring out the right layout, adding the proper organizing products, or you just want a professional to do it right… give us a shout. Also, if you’d like a list of our favorite organizing supplies and products for a garage makeover (as pictured in the above slideshow), submit your information and we’ll send it to you.

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