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3 reasons not to DIY organization

To DIY (do it yourself) or not to DIY… that is the question. Listen up ladies, there is a time and a place to be a do-it-yourselfer (enjoyable or not), and then there are the projects you’re better off leaving to a professional. It’s up to you to get real about what those tasks/projects should be.

Let me get a little personal here for a moment- I’m incredibly tired of trying to do it all. I’m not sure why I’ve felt I needed to be some sort of superwoman, but somewhere along my motherhood journey I got that lie stuck in my head. In 2017, I’m going to shed that lie and see what happens!

What does that look like for me? A laundry lady- I’m going to hire someone specifically to do the laundry.  It probably won’t be folded exactly the way I want it to be, but you know what, it’ll be done… and my husband can stop nagging about it every week. Done is better than perfect. In some cases, time is king, or I just don’t care enough to keep up the effort. Here are a few areas I don’t DIY anymore and haven’t for a while:

  1. Fitness– I go to Pilates 3 times a week to be told how to workout. Some people are great at self motivated fitness, not me! I’ve tried doing it myself, and it doesn’t get done. I don’t always love getting there, but I’m never regretful when I do, and I’m so glad someone else lead the workout.
  2. Hair– I’m about 30% gray! Shocker, right? It’s probably the area I’m most vain about. I have friends that do their own roots, but DIYing my hair is definitely NOT for me!  I have a ton of hair and limited time, so I hired an amazing gal to come to my home every 4 weeks to touch up my roots while I work on my computer! I still have to style my hair during the week, and go to the salon every other month for highlights and trims- but at least I don’t have gray hair, need to touch up my roots myself, or spend hours in the salon. I’m letting the right person get the job done FOR me!
  3. Housekeeping– I am a great organizer and tidier, but deep cleaning is not my thing.  I know myself, cleaning a toilet or bathtub will be put on the to-do list, but never get checked off.  There are areas I “think” I could clean better than my housekeepers, but done is better than perfect! Letting a professional do this loathed task ensures deep cleaning is done, and I have time to do the rest of my to-do list!
keep calm & outsource


For some of you- organizing your drawers, cabinets, closets and spaces hasn’t been a DIY success.  Here are a few BIG reasons you should consider outsourcing your organizing needs:

  1. Marital strife– are you and your spouse arguing about the constant paper mess, a lost bill or item, full pantries void of things to eat, or cluttered spaces? Maybe you’ve already given it a shot, but it didn’t last, or your spouse gave you a sideways look about your method.  You need outside help.  Better yet, you need professional help! Someone who can come in, assess the space, review everyone’s needs, begin the project, but most of all- finish the project! Sure it’s an investment- but the results will be better than you ever would have had the time to plan and do yourself. Best of all, you and your spouse will finally put the issue to rest.
  2. Time– so maybe you are a great organizing DIYer, you’ve been organized most of your life, and still would be if it wasn’t for those slobbish roommates (family members) you have! This is about TIME, if you had it, your spaces would have been organized already, am I right?  Organizing is not tidying a space.  Organizing is addressing full categories, editing your possessions, creating a system for moving forward and labeling for efficiency. The process takes hours. The average space I organize takes 4-8 hours, with an assistant! Do you have that kind of time? If you did, would you really spend it organizing? If you haven’t, it’s time to get help. In my process you spend a fraction of your time editing, while my team and I do the rest of the project- from start to finish.
  3. Not an organizing DIYer-even if you had all the time in the world, the last thing you’d want to do is organize a space. It’s just not in your wheelhouse, and it shows.  That’s ok! We all have our areas of struggle or lack of interest. Just like fitness or self-care, you can hire someone to get you set up for organizing success, without doing it all yourself! Create some margin in your life and give yourself some grace, you deserve it.

I know outsourcing is scary for some of us. Guilt about not doing it all really gets to us as women.  In a time of Pinterest and Instagram, we think we see everyone else doing it all, and we think we should too. I want to encourage you to let those negative feelings about not being a DIYer go!  You have other strengths and gifts, let those shine and get help with the rest. I sincerely wish you all a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2017 beautiful!

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